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Are you a business owner dedicated to building and serving your community?

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Hi, I’m Rachael.

I’m a lifelong community builder who’s launched multiple businesses, including a DJ career and a nonprofit, going all the way back to 2004.

When I shifted my business online in 2019, I did what just about everyone does…

I started a Facebook Group.

And it was immediately a roaring success!

Just kidding.

My Facebook Group finally clicked when I stopped listening to other experts and went back to what I’ve always done:

Facebook recognized
'power admin'

Meta Certified
Community Manager

admin of Facebook Group
Rock your tribe®

okay... but what do I get?

Community leaders are changemakers.

We’re dedicated to building a happier, healthier, cleaner, more beautiful world.

We care about social and environmental justice. We care about the arts.

Because it’s cool to care!

I get it- running a business AND a community (or maybe two or more!) can be overwhelming, especially without a cohesive strategy. 

And I can tell you from personal experience being in communities like Facebook Power Admins and Facebook Certified Community Managers- being in a community of your peers is invaluable!

Sometimes you just need another brain to help you organize your ideas, plan out your launches, design your special events, and dream up engagement posts.

I got you! That’s what VIP is here for! Ready to apply?

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Shout out to you for being 'all in' on you and your community- to celebrate I'll give you a personal shout out about you and your community in my group Rock Your Tribe®: Community Building for Business Leaders and on my email list.

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