Grow your facebook group with reels fest

September 12th – 14th 2022

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I get it – you started a Facebook Group to expand your business and help people alongside building your own empire. But how do you reach them when it seems like Facebook is only showing your content to the same 3 people over and over again?

I’ll tell ya how…. Reels!

Reels!? You bet! 

These puppies have the potential to reach millions of people that you don’t even know (yet)

…and some of them will be eager to work with you and would LOOVVVEEEE to join your Facebook Group.

This is one of my new favorite ways to not only grow my Group, but have fun in the process! 

So let’s just forking do it. 3 days.

You and Me. No experience necessary.

Grow your Facebook Group with Reels Fest

Not only are you sure to make plenty of new friends and connections along your way but you’ll also be provided with Rock Your Tribe’s secret sauce, best practices, how-tos and the accountability you need to get your reels party started.

PLUS did I mention there will be bonuses and prizes!? 

I'm so in...

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Who even is Rachael Spiewak?



Rachael Spiewak, MSW, is a Community Strategist, Facebook Power Admin, and Meta Certified Community Manager. She’s been featured in Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, and Community Leaders Magazine for her recent work. Her popular Facebook Group Rock Your Tribe: Community Building for Business Leaders is known for its high energy, fun-yet-productive vibe.

She’s a co-founder and former Executive Director of a pay-what-you-want nonprofit bicycle repair shop in Atlanta, GA, and she also enjoyed a DJ career while living in NYC. She currently resides in her hometown in South Florida with her husband, stepdaughter, and son.

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Grow your facebook group with reels fest

september 12th – 14th 2022

Starts in…
Enter your name and email below and I’ll send you all the deets.

“Hold on, I have questions first.”

No, you can go ahead and learn this strategy first, and then start your Free Facebook Group after.

No and no. Facebook Groups aren’t about size. They’re about quality. Plus, in this class, you’re going to learn about driving more people to  your free Facebook Group naturally leading them to wanting to work with you further.

Clients report back to me that I’m saving them hours per day on things like sales, market research, lead generation, and content. There’s even an extra special way I can provide you with endless engagement post ideas, plus personalized daily advice that gets right to the point, but we can talk about that after the fest.

Want a One to One session instead?

No problem- Let's jump straight into a specific community strategy for you and your business!