Private Club

This is THE monthly membership club for entrepreneurs who want Facebook Group support on tap.

Join our tight-knit community of coaches and consultants who are growing and scaling their businesses through the power of community.

"oy. my facebook group!"

I hear ya!

That was me back in 2019. I launched an online business and figured I should start a Facebook Group.

That’s what you do, right?

And the clients and money will come pouring in!


Turns out running an engaged and profitable Facebook Group that grows on autopilot takes some knowhow.

Even when I was wrestling with it, I knew that my group could be something special…eventually. So I kept at it until it clicked, and then I kept going. I’m a Taurus/Gemini cusp- I don’t give up. Ever.

And now that I have Facebook Groups figured out, I’m offering up my support on tap to help you with yours.

If you want access to all of my teaching materials, a private group where you can pick my brain all day, and weekly calls where we can work on strategy together, this is where you belong.


Rock your tribe

In the PRIVATE CLUB, our goal is to help you create a tight-knit community who loves what you do and wants to pay  you for it.  

Hi I’m Rachael, and I’ve been studying social movements since forever, holding degrees in cultural anthropology and social work, so I understand why people squad up, how you can facilitate it, and what makes them stay without you having to feel desperate.

Back in 2004 I helped turn a bar napkin idea into a movement that forever changed the landscape of Atlanta. I cofounded a pay-what-you-want bicycle repair shop, became executive director, and steered the organization towards including and uniting everyone. Like a party.

But lucky for you the library and the bike shop weren’t the only places I called home.

There was also the stage.

My side hustle as a DJ in ATL took me to NYC in 2009. I hit the reset button and built a new career as a full-time entertainer while competing with living legends.

Wherever I go, whatever I’m doing, I bring wild ideas to life.

Which for you, means turning an audience into a loyal tribe.

This is what I was born to do.


Once you join the PRIVATE CLUB I’m going to support you with my ROCK YOUR TRIBE GEM method.

First we’re going to focus on GROWing your community through our live FB group audits and weekly training where I’ll make sure you never have to beg people to join or wonder where to find the right people.

Second, you can expect a higher level of ENGAGEment through trainings and personalized-just-for-you support in our own Private Club Facebook Group.

Third, you’re going to make money. I’ll teach you how to SELL to your community through a collectors edition of interviews and trainings so your community is the true asset you know it can be.

important faqs

To build an engaged community who is eager to buy from you.

You’ll receive a series of welcome emails that will give you instant access to our exclusive Facebook Group and the Vault of trainings and downloadables, plus a walk through of all of the perks and benefits of the program.

The most interesting thing about Facebook Groups is it embodies what humans naturally do. We tribe up. Trust me, I was an anthropology major.

Plus, Facebook started shifting its emphasis towards groups since the 2016 US election. You can see for yourself that the algorithm prioritizes notifications from groups (go check your notifications right now!). 

As of November 2019, 1.4 billion people use Facebook Groups and there were more than 10 million groups on Facebook. Groups are here to stay!

$120/mo or $1200 if you pay for the whole year (save two months)!


Are you ready to rock?

I can't hear you! I said...