Pay Attention to Your Brand’s Fan Communities 🔑

Congratulations! Your brand has achieved rockstar status. Your most loyal customers are congregating in unofficial communities on platforms like Facebook, Reddit, and Discord.

Your brand must be doing something right. Nice!

But wait, hold on. It doesn’t stop there.

Are you reading, listening, and engaging?

If not, you’re missing out on crucial information and opportunities to connect that you shouldn’t sleep on, especially during this economic downturn.

Here are three bottomline reasons why you need to pay attention to your brand’s fan communities: Lead Generation, Sales, and Customer Retention.

First up: Lead Generation

Although your brand’s fan communities are most likely dominated by current clients and customers, your prospects are hanging out in there.

They’re watching even if they’re not engaging.

They’re taking in everything your clients and customers are saying, and not all of it is positive or factually correct. People love to complain on the internet. Even your most loyal customers have the occasional bad experience.

And then one complaint sends a red hot lead into an ice bath.

Unless an official voice from your brand is known to engage in this community and joins the conversation to offer support, acknowledgement, and solutions.

Sometimes all people want to know is that corporate is listening and cares.

If a lead is deciding between your brand and a competitor’s, providing that sense of belonging will give you the edge.

Protip: fan communities would LOVE to have an official brand representative as a member or guest. Consider hosting regular Ask Me Anything sessions via text posts or live video.

Then there are prospects who do engage by asking questions and describing their personal situation.

They’re describing who they are, what’s bringing them to the table, and why they’re considering purchasing.

If you’re a marketer, I don’t have to explain why this is a goldmine of information.

These prospects are also sharing what’s stopping them from purchasing.

Hellooooo sales objections. In the next edition of this newsletter, we’ll talk about leveraging objections and driving sales through your brand’s fan communities.

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Rachael Spiewak, CEO of Rock Your Tribe© Community Management, helps people-centric brands leverage the power of community for lead generation, sales, and customer retention. Rachael is a Meta Certified Community Manager, and Rock Your Tribe© is a Meta Community Management Certified Company.

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