Hey, superstar.

Did you start a Facebook Group for your business and realize you have no idea what you’re doing?

Or are you too worried about failing that you haven’t launched it yet?

Would you like to work with me to create your engaged and profitable Facebook Group?

Digital Community Program

You *could* be like me and spend a year and a half tinkering with your group, buying tons of courses on marketing, and figuring it out all on your own.

But honestly, are you going to do that? Are you going to suffer through DIYing this, when I can hold your hand and do it with you in 3 months?

Plus you’re already running a successful business. I can’t imagine you have the time (or the patience) to go through yet another group mastermind with people who haven’t gotten their act together yet.

Through my unique, non-spammy, zero ad spend Facebook Group strategy, I’ve served over 200 clients and customers since March 2020. If you’re reading this, you’re probably a member of my Facebook Group and you already know how engaged we are as a community.

If rocking your Facebook Group is the next priority on your list, and you just want to get it done without the hassle of being in a group or course, let me take you from crickets to raving fans before your next program launch.

Apply to the Digital Community Program

Who is this program for? Professionals and solopreneurs who

⭐️ are making at least $5K/month

⭐️ are totally ok with using their personal Facebook profile to promote their group

⭐️ have a solid sense of who their ideal client is

⭐️ have a business or offer that a community would rally around

⭐️ enjoy talking with people

⭐️ enjoy being on Facebook

If this is you, you’re welcome to apply!

Program Details

This is a 3 month program delivered in a 3 weeks on, 1 week off cycle.

During our 3 weeks on, we’ll meet weekly via Zoom for about an hour.

During that time, I’ll explain what you’ll be working on for the upcoming week, and I’ll help you with anything left over from the previous week.

You’ll get a recording of our session within 48 hours.

I will also provide you with your checklist of action items for each week. You’ll be able to send me messages if you need help with anything between our sessions. I will reply within 24 hours at the latest (excluding weekends and holidays).

And I will provide you with templates and other resources to help you on your way so you’ll never have to dig around or Google anything. I’ve got you covered.

During our 1 week off, you’ll take that time to Implement and Integrate what you’ve learned into your normal work routine. We will not meet during your week off, but I will be available by email for any questions you may have.

Week-by-week snapshot:

Week 1 Setting up your group and profile

Week 2 Content strategy for engagement and monetization

Week 3 Growth strategies

Week 4 Implementation (no meeting)

Week 5 Setting up your freebie, one hour strategy session, and automated email welcome sequence

Week 6 Interacting with members to encourage community, sales, social proof, and referrals

Week 7 Launching your freebie and one hour strategy session

Week 8 Implementation (no meeting)

Week 9 Advanced content, growth, and monetization strategies

Week 10 Advanced content, growth, and monetization strategies

Week 11 Graduate and next steps

Week 12 Implementation (no meeting, final week for email support)

“What will I have by the end of the program?”

Glad you asked.

If you implement everything on time and take my advice, by the end of the program, you will have an active, engaged Facebook Group. You will also have:

⭐️ a content plan

⭐️ a freebie that upsells your paid strategy session

⭐️ a paid strategy session offer that helps you avoid free brain-picking calls and helps you ID potential high ticket clients

⭐️ a launch plan for your strategy session

⭐️ an automated email funnel that also sells your offers

⭐️ an optimized personal profile that helps you grow your group

⭐️ a growth plan that also helps you build your business and sell your offers (think: guest expert sessions in other groups)

⭐️ a major boost to your authority in your niche

⭐️ a sense of accomplishment!

⭐️ an action plan you can hand to your VA or community manager

Can I guarantee sales? No, but I will do everything I can to support you in that department.

By the way, we don’t need to create a GIANT Facebook Group in order to be successful. My specialty is highly targeted groups. Did you see the reviews above from Nato and Jacob? They monetized their groups when they had fewer than 100 members!

Another one of my clients, Judy, is booking out her coaching program with fewer than 300 members. Here’s what she realized about running a small, targeted group:

How does that sound? Are you ready to join the Digital Community Program?