Hi! I’m Rachael Spiewak and community building is what I do.

I’ve been at it for 20+ years. Here’s the short version-

I studied Cultural Anthropology as an undergrad at Emory University, where I wrote my thesis about a community-based bicycle sharing program called Decatur Yellow Bikes.

Then I went to Georgia State University for a Master’s of Social Work degree with a community partnerships focus.

While in grad school, I co-founded and later became the Executive Director of Sopo Bicycle Co-op, a nonprofit pay-what-you-want bicycle repair shop.

Then I moved to NYC and DJed for a living for a while. Seriously!

A lot of my DJ work was in retail locations, where I stirred up community through music on behalf of the brand partner.

Fast forward through a bunch of life stuff.

Three years ago I launched a solo consultancy, helping entrepreneurs create engaged and profitable Facebook Groups.

Most recently I’ve launched a Community Management Agency to provide white glove community management services to people-centric businesses.

Our approach combines all of my experience, from being an in-the-trenches community organizer to an entertainer on behalf of large enterprises.

It’s the same thing, really. Bringing people together for a common purpose, based on shared interest and identity, and getting them to take some kind of action. And it’s got to be fun. No pity parties here!

At the end of the day, I study people in groups, just like I did in college.

What I’ve found is there are good people doing good work in all sectors. The place where I want to help spread more good is in the business sector, which is in for a shake up:

A marketing revolution is coming because people don’t want to be sold to anymore.

Of course social media is where it’s at.

The problem with social media marketing is that trends and strategies will come and go. Once you master one thing, it’s onto the next thing, and some of the trends are things you and I wouldn’t want to use to represent our brands.

Here’s where we’ll find the solution:

The human need to belong to something greater than oneself will never go out of style.

The world is changing rapidly. Now’s the time to lean into this ancient and enduring truth.

The next wave in marketing is Community.

And it’s so much more than only marketing.

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